The Midnight Sun


Midnight Sun, Nightless Night, Polar Day 

Even though we have some pretty dark and snowy winters up in northern Finland, we definitely get some relief with 24/7 sunlight for almost two months during the summer. The nightless nights, which usually start around the end of May until mid-July in the Kittilä area, are quite a special time in Lapland. The phenomenon is seen only in areas above the Arctic Circle, where during the summer months, the sun shines for about 2-4 months depending on how far north of the Arctic Circle you go.

Embrace the extremes

In our previous post, we talked about the changing seasons, and explained how each part of the year is special in its own right. This is no different. And we Finns, well, we’re used to changes, especially ones that many might say are extreme. Extreme darkness, extreme sunlight… but this summertime extreme is definitely an important one to the Finns. Everything comes alive and you can really feel a magical energy in the air. People are out and about, all kinds of events and festivals are happening around the country, the plants and wildlife have awakened from their slumber, life is extra good in the summertime.

Why visit during this time?

Summer is filled with fun activities, mostly wherever you are in the world. However in Lapland, you don’t have to wait until the sun comes up to get out there in nature, since the sun is up all day (and night) long! At Lapland Lodge Resort, you can enjoy late night walks in the forest or hang out in the hot tub as the evening winds down and skies turn orange. Maybe you’re interested in swimming or fishing on the lake at midnight, or perhaps hiking up the fell to see the sun’s beautiful colors filling the horizon. There’s so much to do here in summer! And even though the bugs come out and mosquito protection is definitely a must, this time of year is one not to be missed.