winter activities

Activities in nature year-round

The diverse and beautiful nature offer a perfect way to enjoy various outdoor activities.

At Lapland Lodge, you’ll get the combination of high-quality accommodation with exciting and relaxing activities in nature.

Enjoy activities year-round at Lapland Lodge!

Take part in various activities during all seasons of the year with us.


Lapland’s various seasons

During the summer months, nature shines bright in the light of the midnight sun. Experience the warmth of sunshine and nature’s calming atmosphere while spending time outside.

As autumn arrives, the air gets cooler and nights grow longer. The color spectrum of the foliage during autumn is something truly magical.

As the darkness arrives for Polar Night, you can feel nature settle into its slumber. Everything slows and there is an almost mystical feeling in the air. Northern lights excursions are a must, as the skies dance in full color.

Winter-spring brings everything to life once more. The sun shines brighter and days grow longer, and everyone heads outdoors to enjoy the last months of snow. These late-winter months are a great time to experience nature at its finest, as you breathe in some of the world’s purest air.

Whether it is hiking, fishing, or snowshoeing, or maybe doing yoga or searching for northern lights, we’ll help you plan your activities.

Book an excursion with our experienced guide during any season of the year!