Renovated Lapland Lodge

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The renovated Lapland Lodge complex includes the log cabin, aurora rooms, traditional hut, traditional sauna and smoke sauna.

We’ve finally begun welcoming customers again, since completing our renovations!

It’s been rewarding and interesting to be a part of planning this new concept, that combines high-quality accommodation, unforgettable experiences, and wellbeing for the mind and body. Tourism and customer service have long been an important part of my (Matleena) life, so being a part of this has been very exciting. We’ve thought thoroughly about what would make the experience of our guests the most unique and comfortable, and how we might go about implementing that. High-quality accommodation and the surrounding nature are at the core of our concept, and we are more than thrilled to finally begin welcoming guests to our property.

Building and Renovations

Our renovation process has involved a lot of different moving parts and professional help. There was a lot of craftsmanship and handywork that needed to be done in order to create a welcoming and atmospheric environment. We have been successful in creating a high-quality log cabin complex, and we are very excited to share it with our guests.

Main log cabin

The main changes have definitely been the expansion to include the aurora rooms and shower area. The aurora rooms have large panorama windows, which offer incredible views of the surrounding nature. They give the feeling of being in the middle of the forest. Our main goal of the aurora rooms is to provide our customers with unique nature and adventure experiences while still being indoors. This expansion also allows for more guests (up to 12) during customer stays at the Lodge.

Relaxation is a major part of a successful vacation  

During our expansion process, we thought deeply about what kind of holiday we’d personally want. Wellbeing of the body and mind were at the forefront, as well as relaxation and slowing down. The fact that Lapland Lodge is located in the middle of Lapland’s pure and beautiful nature helps reduce stress. The traditional Finnish sauna, wood-heated hot tub, and smoke sauna are places for relaxation, slowing down, and are perfect for improving the wellbeing of body and mind. All of these are definitely an important part of a successful holiday, which we want to offer our customers, in addition to luxury and outdoor excursions.


Luxury Holidays

We want to offer our guests a luxurious stay, but how?

High-quality accommodation, private grounds, warm-water hot tub, wood-heated sauna, and smoke sauna, as well as the magical nature of Lapland are all important, in addition to quality and customer-oriented services, which we believe go hand in hand. Making sure the customer is taken care of during their holiday ensures a successful vacation. Our goal is to make sure that everything that happens during our guests’ stay goes as easily and smoothly as possible. I, Matleena, will be greeting guests upon arrival, and will be available during the entire stay. We offer airport transportation, refrigerator stocking/ restocking, personal chefs, and catering. The beds are made upon arrival with high-quality linens. Our staff member is on-hand at the property during our guests’ stay, and they will take care of heating the sauna and hot tub at requested times.

Relax and enjoy

Excursions in Lapland’s pristine nature

Living in this beautiful nature of Lapland is a privilege. Enjoying the clean air, silence of nature, and stunning views every day is incredible. You can never get tired of this place.

While building our new concept, we wanted to give our guests this wonderful experience. The nature of Lapland and its various seasons offer amazing opportunities for different activities outdoors. Through us, you can experience guided excursions with our local guides. All excursions are tailored to our guests’ needs, which helps us offer unique and successful trips for all.

Northern lights

New Beginnings

With excitement, we are waiting for a new season ahead. Lapland Lodge and our guides are ready to greet you upon arrival. We feel that we have been successful in creating a new concept, that includes everything you might want from a holiday in Lapland. Being able to work with customers in a place as important to us as this, is what it’s all about. We are incredibly grateful. We hope that our excited energy is felt by our guests, who’ll leave with memories they’ll never forget.


Matleena ja Muru

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