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Meet our team and learn more about activities offered!

We are so happy to be able to introduce you to our team, as well as the various activities we offer our guests. In addition to our unique accommodation experience, we want to offer our guests different experiences in nature. Lapland Lodge’s location, as well as the atmosphere of the area allow us to offer many different services and experiences at the Lodge or in the local area.

Our main goal is to provide our guests with an accommodation experience where everyone is conformable and can choose an activity that is most enjoyable for them. In any case, just being at the Lodge surrounded by nature offers an incredible experience in Lapland.

Enjoy & Relax

You can choose your preferred activities outdoors in nature, or perhaps take some time relaxing at the Lodge’s atmospheric traditional sauna. We want to provide our guests with authentic and enjoyable experiences that are responsibly organized, while respecting and honoring the nature around us.

However, no concept is built on its own, and that is why we are incredibly grateful for the experts who’ve been a major part of everything. We continue to improve our services and hope to continue meeting the demands of our guests and customers as best we can.

It is a privilege to work with such talented people!

I, Matleena, am also a guide by profession, and it is something I absolutely love doing. The best part is being able to give customers an experience they will never forget. And to top it all off, I am the one who gets to share the joy of the trip with them. This is part of the reason why working as a guide is so rewarding and exciting. Our guests can enjoy snowshoeing trips with me in winter, and go on hikes to the nearby fell’s summit in summer and autumn. I believe that being outdoors is one of the most important parts of well-being; it is truly wonderful to be able to share this with our guests.


Snowshoeing in the Winter Wonderland

Join us on a guided snowshoe tour in the forest around the Lodge area. Experience the beautiful scenery, take in the silence around you, and feel the snow beneath your feet with every step you take. During this trip, you can experience the natural wonders of the Arctic – the colors, smells, sounds, temperature, it’s all part of your Lapland experience.

winter activities

Summit Kumputunturi Fell

During this hike, we’ll enjoy the stunning scenery of Lapland, delicious snacks, and the pure nature around us, while moving mindfully on the trail. The highlight of this trip is summiting Kumputunturi Fell, which is 581 meters above sea level.

Suvi ja Kati
Saivo Naturals

Suvi and Kati have a shared interest in northern nature, herbs and plant life, as well as the pure ingredients nature provides. Both women were born and raised in Kittilä, and spend most of their free time in the northern woods and fells of Lapland. They have a strong knowledge base in both the nature and customer service industries. Saivo Naturals takes care of the Wild Herbal Sauna experience at the Lodge.

Wild Herbal Sauna

Enjoy a cleansing and relaxing wild herbal experience in the wood-heated sauna. You’ll be able to make your own foot bath with wild herbs and even test out some natural cosmetics that your skin will thank you for.

Mikko & Mikko
Hylsy Productions
Aurora Hunting Lapland

The Mikot have years of entrepreneur and guide experience, especially within the photography and filming industry. Aurora hunting is also one of their strong-suits. Both men know their way around nature, which is where they spend most of their free time anyway. Hylsy Productions provides the fishing and swimming excursions. Aurora Hunting Lapland brings you out in search of the northern lights.

Fishing Excursion

Enjoy unforgettable fishing experiences with our guide Mikko. We can tailor the excursion to fit your groups needs. Fish at the private Lake Silmäsjärvi nearby, or maybe head to the wilderness river for something different. During winter guests can try various ice-fishing methods, while in summer we’ll choose from other methods that best fit the season.

Aurora hunt

Join us on the search for northern lights, as we head to the best filming locations for viewing the Aurora Borealis. Our guides are experienced photographers who have all the right equipment for filming and photographing. You’ll be capturing moments you’ll surely never forget. And the photos will be yours to keep as well!

Filming & Photography

Would you like to capture the moments from your holiday or event at the Lodge? We can tailor a package to fit your needs with our professional photographers, so you can bring home photos to last a lifetime.


Evergreens Studio


Mia is a yoga teacher and wilderness guide, working in the Fell-Lapland area. Nature is an important place for her to go to slow down and be herself. She is interested in the health benefits of nature, and has combined her love of being outdoors with her work. Mia teaches various classes both in and outdoors, such as gentle yoga, yin yoga, forest yoga and other relaxation methods. She has experience teaching since 2016 in Vietnam, USA, and Finland, and these days enjoys life in amongst the fells of northern Finland. Mia takes care of all the yoga programs at the Resort, as well as the forest hike.

Gentle Yoga in the Sauna

Spend some time in our traditional sauna, as you are guided through a relaxing and de-stressing sequence of basic yoga postures, modified for the sauna and tailored to your needs.

Forest Yoga


Take a moment to yourself, as you tend to your mind and body and reap the benefits of nature, surrounded by trees. During this practice, you will be guided through gentle yoga poses and sequences, that can help both calm and re-energize the mind and body, as well as strengthen your connection with nature.

Forest hike in summer & autumn

Hike into the forest to enjoy the beauty and diversity of nature around you. During the trip, you’ll learn more about local flora and fauna, and maybe even pick some wild berries to eat. You may also notice the healing and revitalizing effects of being in the forest.

Full-Service Accommodation Complex

Our concept has been built with many helping hands, not just our team. Various local experts and partners in their respective fields are an important part of our success. We gladly recommend our partners’ services, and are grateful that we can continue to cooperate with them.

Welcome to experience various outdoor excursions with us!