Northern Lights in Lapland

northern lights
northern lights

Northern lights. Aurora borealis. Dancing skies.

Perhaps you’ve heard of these, or maybe have even been lucky enough to see them in person. The northern lights are a natural phenomenon that have been captivating humans for thousands of years, and we’d like to share a little bit more about these incredible light shows filling the night skies.


How do northern lights appear?

Essentially, northern lights are formed with significant help from the sun. The sun gives off highly electrically charged particles that attract to the earth’s magnetic poles (ie. North and south poles), and as some of these charged particles collide with nitrogen and oxygen atoms, you’re left with a magical light show that you’ll never forget.


How can I see northern lights?

Northern lights are best seen in the Earth’s northern regions, particularly above the Arctic circle. As the days get shorter and stars fill the skies, the possibility of seeing the Aurora increases greatly. For example, clear skies and the further north you are improve your chances of seeing these magical, dancing skies. And statistically, northern lights are visible about every other clear night, so it all really depends on the weather and where you are. Lapland Lodge is situated in an ideal location for viewing the Aurora, as we are quite far north!


northern lights

And when?

Aurora Borealis season begins in autumn in northern Finland, around late August, and continues until late winter/early spring, around early April when the nights get brighter again. These are all great times to come visit Lapland Lodge, as we provide personally tailored Aurora Hunting excursions throughout the seasons while they’re most visible. Our professional guides have been taking people out on the Aurora hunt for many years, so you’ll surely be in good hands.


northern lights

Tips for viewing the Northern Lights

A night hunting the aurora is a night well spent. With our trusted guides, you’ll be taken to the best places for viewing these dancing skies, and you’ll even go home with photos to last a lifetime! Here are some helpful tips to remember when heading out on your search.

  • Dress for the weather! Think layers, wool socks, proper gloves, and warm shoes. Always remember to bring an extra layer just in case, as the nights tend to get quite chilly in Lapland.
  • Keep your eyes open! Remember to look north and stay patient. The more north you are and the more north you face, the greater your chances are for seeing dancing skies.
  • Water and snacks! Remember to bring a little something to snack on if needed, as keeping your body temperature regulated is important, especially in the winter.

We look forward to Aurora Hunting with you soon!