In order to guarantee a pleasant and enjoyable stay at the Lodge, we require that you comply with the following conditions.

– Upon making a reservation, you must provide your name, phone number, email, arrival & departure time, and form of payment.

– The guest making the reservation must be at least 18 years of age. Keys/ access to the Lodge will not be given if all guests are underage.

– Guests can cancel their reservation up to 60 days prior to their arrival date. Guests will be charged the full price if canceling less than 60 days before arrival.


– The property is in use from the arrival date at 17:00 until departure date at 12:00.

– For safety reasons, only those who have been included in the booking reservation are allowed to stay at Lapland Lodge and use the Lodge facilities.

– In case guests find any issues with the property or cleanliness upon arrival, guests must immediately contact our staff, so that we can resolve any issues as soon as possible. Lapland Lodge Lodge is not liable for compensating guests, in case guests report issues with the property/ cleanliness after their departure.

– Use of tents or camper vans is not allowed without permission from the owner.

Smoking is strictly prohibited indoors. In case we find that guests have been smoking indoors, guests will be charged an extra cleaning fee.

Making fires is only permitted in designated fire-making areas.


– Guests making the reservation are liable to pay for any damages incurred during their stay at the property (including, but not limited to, the physical building complexes, as well as the surrounding private property and equipment, furniture, and other movable materials owned by the property).

– Guests are required to immediately report any damages/ accidents that may have occurred directly to the Lapland Lodge staff, so that possible future issues can be prevented.

– Any damages/ accidents caused by underage guests are the responsibility of the guest making the reservation, regardless of whether or not they are staying at the Lodge.


– We strongly suggest that our guests have travel insurance in case any accidents, damages, or exceptional situations occur.


– In case any issues arise regarding the equipment or condition of the Lodge, guests must immediately inform our staff at moc.e1719099003gdold1719099003nalpa1719099003l@ofn1719099003i1719099003.


– Lapland Lodge has the right to cancel a reservation in case of any compelling reasons, ie. force majeure situations.



  • The quote given by Lapland Lodge is valid for two (2) weeks from the given date, unless otherwise specified. We ask that excursion bookings be confirmed in writing (moc.e1719099003gdold1719099003nalpa1719099003l@ofn1719099003i1719099003). Upon confirming your excursion, please mention the desired excursion, date/time, and number of participants.
  • Lapland Lodge reserves the right to changes in pricing and excursion services until we have received the customer’s confirmation (by email or phone).
  • In case of force majeure situations, or if the safety of the participants is endangered (ie. hazardous weather), Lapland Lodge has the right to cancel the excursion/activity. Customers will be informed of cancelations as soon as possible. In case of the above situation, customers will be reimbursed fully, if they have already paid for the excursion.
  • Any expenses incurred by the customer from a reservation canceled due to force majeure or a safety risk caused by weather will not be reimbursed.
  • Lapland Lodge reserves the right to change the length, duration, and/or route of the activity/ excursion if necessary. If a customer’s state of health changes during the activity/excursion, or if the customer’s behavior is endangering themselves or others, Lapland Lodge has the right to terminate the activity/excursion.
  • Lapland Lodge and the activity/ excursion guides have valid liability insurance.
  • Customers can cancel their reservation up to 60 days prior to their arrival date. Customers will be charged the full price if canceling less than 60 days before arrival.


Paytrail Oy acts as a collecting payment service provider and is an authorized Payment Institution. Paytrail Oy will be shown as the recipient on your bank or credit card statement. Paytrail Oy will forward the payment to the merchant. Return case, the payment will be returned to the payment method with which the order was placed. For reclamations, please contact the website the payment was made to.


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